My name is Bruce Matson and I am an educator of 30 years. Throughout my experiences, at various times, I have taught all subjects from kindergarten through eighth grade. I have also been a school administrator, bus driver, and a coach of football, basketball, and track.

Through extensive research and as a teacher of science, I can demonstrate that much of what is being taught to our kids about evolution can be disproven with science-based facts. For if evolution is true, then life spontaneously evolved from Godless Ocean Origins. But I believe that science supports intelligent design throughout the universe and in all living organisms, therefore, leading us to a Grace Ordained Designer. Hence, the title of my book, From Goo to God, A Science-based Defense of Creationism vs. Evolution.

I am also a survivor of stage 4 follicular lymphoma which was throughout all of my bone marrow and in every lymph node. I started the first of 18 chemo sessions in January of 2014 and had to endure a month of radiation the summer of 2018. I am now cancer free! During this very humbling time in his life, I not only relied on my faith, but earnestly sought to learn more and grow in my relationship with the Lord. My book is a by-product of that growth and is also a public proclamation of my faith.

Ultimately, I hope if you are also a Christian that the facts in this book will give you the confidence to share and defend your faith too. If you are not a believer, I hope you will at least be open-minded enough to think about the facts in this book. That’s all I can ask, then your heart, and Christ, will do the rest. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).