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In the Colosseum of Ancient Rome, it was not uncommon for Christians to be thrown to the lions. This was a one-sided, public spectacle that was meant to intimidate Christians into complying with the social order of the day. This ancient fact stands as a modern day analogy between evolution and creationism. Let me explain. In almost every mode of media, including in our children's textbooks, evolution is referred to as an unquestioned fact. If anyone dares to speak against it or even mentions "creation" as an option, they will be thrown to the lions of public disdain. But much like the empire of Ancient Rome, evolution will likewise crumble and Christianity will prevail!

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My name is Bruce Matson and I am an educator of 30 years. Throughout my experiences, at various times, I have taught all subjects from kindergarten through eighth grade. I have also been a school administrator, bus driver, and a coach of football, basketball, and track.

Through extensive research and as a teacher of science, I can demonstrate that much of what is being taught to our kids about evolution can be disproven with science-based facts. For if evolution is true, then life spontaneously evolved from Godless Ocean Origins. But I believe that science supports intelligent design throughout the universe and in all living organisms, therefore, leading us to a Grace Ordained Designer. Hence, the title of my book, From Goo to God, A Science-based Defense of Creationism vs. Evolution.

I am also a survivor of stage 4 follicular lymphoma which was throughout all of my bone marrow and in every lymph node. I started the first of 18 chemo sessions in January of 2014 and had to endure a month of radiation the summer of 2018. I am now cancer free! During this very humbling time in his life, I not only relied on my faith, but earnestly sought to learn more and grow in my relationship with the Lord. My book is a by-product of that growth and is also a public proclamation of my faith.

Ultimately, I hope if you are also a Christian that the facts in this book will give you the confidence to share and defend your faith too. If you are not a believer, I hope you will at least be open-minded enough to think about the facts in this book. That’s all I can ask, then your heart, and Christ, will do the rest. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Featured Reviews

Mind blowing argument and case presented by Matson. It is sure to convert quite a few evolutionists out there.
- Abagail Costa

Get this book if you are struggling with your belief in your existence and the presence of life on earth. Great explanation with cause and effect.
- Deandrea Coker

This book has remarkably dealt with the million dollar question of evolution over Christianity, The structure of content and sequence make it easy to grasp.
- Darrel Glover

Brilliant piece of writing. I found this book to be refreshing and real. No nonsense, just facts that lead you to believe in your Creator.
- George Curry

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